Structured Dyslexia Assessment

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Structured Dyslexia Assessment® (SDA is designed to help school psychologists make difficult determinations as to whether a student’s reading problems may be due to dyslexia. It allows the psychologist to enter percentile scores from academic/achievement tests and the CHC Factors derived from intelligence tests. 

The SDA includes a 38-item checklist for grades K-3, which may be emailed to teachers or parents. The items checked and returned are entered on the checklist in the program, and are included in the analysis, based on which type of dyslexia they relate to. 

A Dyslexia Diagnostic Table is provided for the three types of data, and Diagnostic Statements are generated, based on the level of dysfunction indicated for each. The SDA automatically generates a menu of specific Interventions and Accommodations, from which the user may choose those appropriate for the individual student. The SDA also allows the user to enter the Referral Reason and Background Information. All of the information entered is collated into an easy-to-read, multi-page report, including recommendations and graphs and charts, which may be given to parents and schools.

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Structured Dyslexia Assessment: demographics entry

Structured Dyslexia Assessment: demographics entry

Structured Dyslexia Assessment: measured skills and CHC factors

Structured Dyslexia Assessment: measured skills and CHC factors

Academic/behavioral indicators checklist

Academic/behavioral indicator checklist

Academic/behavioral indicators chart

Academic/behaviors chart

Dyslexia diagnostic table

Dyslexia diagnostic Table example

Structured Dyslexia Assessment: interventions and accommodations

Structured Dyslexia Assessment: interventions and accommodations

Structured Dyslexia Assessment: diagnostic boxes

Structured Dyslexia Assessment: diagnostic boxes